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Tips for improving writing abilities

According to the scientist from Canada J. Peterson, anyone who can master all the skills of writing perfectly can be considered a great thinker, because the thought process depends on the level of human writing. This article provides tips to help you improve your writing skills and thereby develop your thinking.


This initial part of the essay reflects its essence and main idea. According to Peterson, the main task of writing a homework is a clear and competent formulation and presentation of the author’s point of view on the chosen problem, which is the theme of the essay. The author should analyze abstract ideas and present them correctly and concisely, this will allow him to move to a new level of thinking.


According to the Professor, structure and consistency is important in everything, therefore, writing of essay should be done in the following way:

  • start with the choice of the first word;
  • on the basis of its author must build a sentence;
  • multiple sentences to form a paragraph;
  • arrange paragraphs into a coherent essay.

It is very important to follow the structure while improving writing skills.

Theme and sources

The topic for the homework essay you either choose yourself, for example astronomy, or it is already assigned. More about astronomy homework you may read here: https://online-homework-helper.com/astronomy.html . The list of sources you make based on the topic. Write out all the main and interesting ideas about the topic while studying resources, it will help you to form your concept of how to write an essay.


This step is optional when writing an essay, but you should make a plan for your work, it will greatly facilitate the writing process.


It is impossible to give any specific advice to novice writers, they should just express their thoughts on paper, not afraid to do something wrong. The main thing is to remember that after writing there is always an opportunity to correct what was written, and only then to divide all the material into sections.


Peterson suggests that after completing the work on writing the original version of the essay, the author should rephrase each sentence and write it down in another way. This will help to get another version of the essay, and the author can choose the most successful one.


Re-read the finished essay again to make sure the logical sequence of all paragraphs, and swap them if necessary.

New plan

Make another plan, radically different from the original. This will help you to improve your essay, removing from it all unnecessary, or Vice versa adding the necessary.


You should take a break for a few days after you finish writing your essay, in order to rest and look at your essay differently and see mistakes or shortcomings that you have not noticed before.

Source list

According to Peterson, this stage should be the final one, because only after the essay is fully written, you will be able to correctly draw up a list of used sources. Follow the above tips and you will write a great essay!

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